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A Brief Bryanna 411

My name is Bryanna Cuthill and I am a singer, actor, dancer, and proud mixed Afro Latina currently based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Music has been my life since before I can remember. Raised on Jazz, R&B and the classics, I started playing violin at 3, piano at 5, and imitating Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls at 6. After never growing out of the dress up phase, it was clear that creating and performing was what I was meant to do with my life. Now as a senior studying musical theatre at Baldwin Wallace University, I am finishing up my final semester in New York City and am almost ready to write professional pretender on my taxes. 

What I've Been Up To Recently 

After a summer full of lobster rolls, rolling hills, and Dolly Parton my time as Wanda in Beehive, Elsa in The Sound of Music, and Judy in 9 to 5 came to an end and I jumped straight into my last first day of school ever. This past semester I worked tirelessly on my senior recital “Putting It Together” which can be streamed on Dec 1st at 8:30pm est (see the events page for more info). In the new year I will officially have a change of address as I embark on my biggest journey yet and move to New York City. 

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