Reviews & Testimonials

Brought The House Down

River Cities' Reader

"There were some sound issues during Saturday evening's performance with mics cutting out, thankfully Cuthill was more than up to the task and brought the house down sans microphone."

Tugging At Heart Strings

Western Wheel

"Bryanna Cuthill is tugging at heart strings in a two-act musical that is getting rave reviews."

Funny, Lively, Lovely

Vermont Daily

"Bryanna Cuthill was uniformly wonderful. She was funny, lively and lovely."

Force to be reckoned with

Susanna Gellert - Artistic Director @ Weston Playhouse

"Bryanna is a captivating, multifaceted performer with a huge array of talents. Faced with the challenge of stepping into the role of Jeanie in HAIR with less than a day's notice and only a few hours to prepare, she stepped up and dove in. Her game approach and generous spirit saved the day. She's a true force to be reckoned with and we would have her back with us in Weston in a heartbeat."

unwavering work ethic

Corey Agnew - Associate Director @ Les Miserables

"Bryanna is always prepared and has an unwavering work ethic that sets her apart from her peers. She consistently takes direction, yet still finds a way to incorporate her own specificity."


Ciara Renee - Actor & Director

"My team was won over by Bryanna's strong singing voice, authenticity, and consistency. Working with her, she was diligent and hardworking and really listened when directed."

Center of the Pitch Cuthill

Nile Andah - President & CEO of the Bryanna Cuthill Fan Club

I actually have chills. This took me out. BRYANNA NATION RISE!!! Bryanna 'center of the pitch" Cuthill yeah that's you.