Bryanna is a mixed Afro Latina who was born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Bryanna's musical abilities originated with her biological family and were nurtured by her adoptive family, creating a household that was never quiet and full of music. Her passion for music was evident at a young age and while her parents encouraged her to try a wide variety of activities, it was clear that she was destined for the arts -- the only reason she played soccer was for the orange slices at halftime. She started playing violin at three, piano at five, trumpet at ten, and french horn at twelve. Bryanna caught the theatre bug when she was seven, after seeing a production of The Sound of Music, and has not stopped singing since. 


Bryanna traded in snow-capped mountains for the Great Lakes where she obtained her Bachelor's of Music in Music Theatre from Baldwin Wallace University.  She has since traded in fresh air and open space to follow her 11-year-old dreams of moving to New York City to pursue both her passion for performing and writing.


When not playing professional dress-up or furiously typing away on her laptop at a cute coffee shop, you can find Bryanna at any Taylor Swift-themed spin class, trying the newest restaurant on her TikTok feed, making overly specific playlists on Spotify, curling up with a good, yet predictable romance novel (Happy Place by Emily Henry is her favourite), making a short story long, and of course asking to pet every dog she passes on the street. Follow Bryanna on Instagram @bryannacuthill to see what she is up to on and off the stage. 


Bryanna has performed at venues across the globe, including the King's Theatre in Edinburgh Scotland, Carnegie Hall in New York City, Blossom Music Center in Cleveland Ohio, regional theatres from Vermont to Illinois, and many performance halls in her home town Calgary,  Alberta, and her second home in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Please see headshot and resume (H&R) for more details.