Putting It Together - Bryanna Cuthill in Senior Recital

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Come join Bryanna in her final celebration and showcase of all she was learned and worked on during the past four years as she earns her degree in Music Theatre from Baldwin Wallace.

Note from Bryanna: I elected to name my Senior Recital "Putting It Together" after the title track on Barbra Streisand's Back To Broadway album. So much has happened in the past four years of college and there have been moments, where like any artist, I have questioned if it's all worth it? I remember giving living room concerts to my parents and singing every song on this album when I was a little girl, so consider this recital not only a tribute to Miss Streisand's work ethic, attention to detail and vocal specificity, but the reigniting of my love for musical theatre and heading 'back to broadway'. These past four years have truly taught me that it not only takes talent to be successful in this industry, but perseverance, kindness, and passion; I would like to thank everyone who was a part of making this recital possible, and I hope you see how each song shows a different part of my artistry.