The Right Regrets

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Out of Box Theatrics , 154 Christopher St #1E, New York, NY

“We only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we took too long to make”. The Right Regrets looks at regret from the perspective of a 20-something. Too young to know regret? Perhaps, but not too young to know the fear of regret associated with major life decisions. I’ve always lived my life as a race, constantly striving to pass the person ahead of me, while simultaneously looking over my shoulder. My grandparents ask if I’m dating anyone special whenever I call. The Union Square clock reminds me that the planet is on fire, and my best friends are all landing jobs with a 401K before graduation while I’m waiting in line for hours to sing for 90 seconds. This show will explore the quintessential question “have I made the right choice?” through songs that not only focus on that theme but have a personal connection to my own journey.