So She's A Writer Now ?

Bryanna fell in love with words and writing during her sophomore year of college. Through the 17 notebooks and journals pilled high on her bedside table she landed a 12-month internship in her junior year with Her Campus where she was a national writer for their main site. 

Having earned a bachelor of music in college Bryanna has always been fascinated by and is no stranger to rhythm and rhyme. Inspired by a Shakespeare class she took as a sophomore, Bryanna set out to hone her skills as a lyricist and poet, and since has never put her pen down. 

While actively contributing to The Everygirl and working with some of her favorite brands like Hinge, CALM, Liquid IV, and Bloom Nutrition, Bryanna is also working on her debut poetry novel Love Letters I Never Delievered. 

To learn more about Bryanna and her check out her writer website!